If you are just starting out on Instagram you might be thinking about whether to use a bot or likes service to grow your following. In this article we look at the pros and cons of using automated apps and services to grow your following.

First up what is an instagram-bot?

Instagram bots help you automate your instagram tasks. In order to grow your following on Instagram you need to be active. You can’t be on there 24/7 as you have a million other things to do but it’s hard to keep up and grow fast. Instagram bots can like other profiles and comment on posts with whichever hashtag you specify speeding up the growth of your following.

What’s the benefits to using a bot?

The key benefits are they accelerate your growth whilst freeing up your time! In a world where we are trying to automate as much as possible because there is never enough time bots are fast and efficient. They don’t sleep and can do your work 24/7! They will increase your followers as they will like profiles in your niche and engage with likes and comments and can help get extra features like a swipe up able link – that’s Amazing eh?! Well maybe not… read on before you make a decision as to whether to use one for your balloon business.

What are the drawbacks for using an Insta bot in your balloon business?

Bots can ruin your balloon business brand

Bots are ultimately little robots programmed to comment specific words on certain hashtags. Their comments bring little value, they are so easy to spot, it’s not authentic or genuine and what is worse they can be inappropriate sometimes. Imagine if a bot working under your business name commented “great” on a sad tragic post or “amazing” when something awful has happened. Even worse you have no way of knowing what they have posted where unless someone comes complaining! Customers can be confused or see through your bot activity and it could potentially leave a feeling of distrust. Authenticity is key to driving social media engagement right now… customers are savvy… just as many got fed up with their friends turning their newsfeeds into MLM sales feeds people are also fed up with what they view as “tricks” to get their attention and bots are not difficult to identify.

Bots violate Instagram Terms and Conditions

Not only do they create some embarrassing and totally cringe worthy moments but they also enter via Instagrams API without their permission. Combine that with the fact they are running rife on Instagram adding a load of content to the newsfeed that has absolutely no value it’s no real surprise that Jnstagram is none too pleased! Some apps have already been shut down and more are likely to follow as Instagram have announced a crack down on what they perceive to be inauthentic activity created by bots and accounts using them.

They break Instagram’s hourly and daily limits

Instagram limits aren’t set in stone. Your limit will vary depending on your age, niche interests, number of people you follow/are followed by etc but essentially there is a sensible limit which mirrors “normal” human behaviour. Instagram bots are fast though and can do an incredible amount in the shortest time. This immediately flags to Instagram that your account is inauthentic- after all you couldn’t really like/unlike hundreds of potential followers and comment on several of their posts hour after hour and Instagram is wise to this. This can lead to instagram penalising your account and temporarily suspending your ability to use the platform.


Shadowbans are a term which has been coined for Instagram reducing your reach when they associate your account as one using inauthentic methods such as third party apps. To reduce the impact of your content on the platform they simple stop showing your content to people and this can have a detrimental effect on your Instagram marketing results. The last thing you need right now? I am betting so!

You can Lose your account

Ultimately your instagram following doesn’t belong to you and if Instagram perceives you are constantly breaking their terms and conditions they can totally remove your access to the Platform. Imagine having to start again from scratch! How soul destroying would that be?!

Totally inauthentic following

Aside from the scared penalties of using instabots there are other very real pitfalls from their use. There is no doubt that bots can dramatically increase your followers but there is a real difference between the right type of follower as opposed to just anyone following you. In fact having too many followers who are not engaged with your content can reduce the reach to potential customers who are interested in what you do. It’s better to have 1000 engaged customers you can build relationships with than 10000 followers of which 1000 are potential customers because your chance of them seeing your content is greatly reduced by the 9000 other followers who are not engaged with what you do. This type of activity is also more likely to attract bot followers and trolls.

Instagram studies your patterns when using the platform. It notes who you follow, the content you interact with, the hashtags that are important to you. It also takes not of the types of people who follow you and then amends your newsfeed accordingly. It also categorises your profile based on the same information and decides who would be most interested in what you offer. When you employ bot activity this can send wrong and random signals to the algorithm so not only do you end up with a messy and somewhat irrelevant newsfeed yourself but you run the risk of reducing the exposure you have to your ideal customers. The biggest negative impact to this is you run the risk of reducing your reach to actual local people who could potentially become customers in your business.

They can remove all your followers they added when you cancel your subscription

Finally if you do decide to use a bot to grow your Instagram following be sure to read their terms and conditions carefully. Only last week someone in the mastermind group I belong to decided for many of the reasons above to stop bot activity on their profile only to find out that cancelling the service resulted in the removal of all the followers obtained via the bot! Probably not a bad thing considering the poor quality followers they were likely to be but a huge kick in the teeth to have grown thousands of followers only to have the rug pulled from under them when they move away from the service!

What are your thoughts on using Instabots? Have you used them? Are you planning to use them on your Instagram Profile?  I would love to know!  Ping me an email by clicking on the button below!

Until next time… Stay Amazing!

Sonia x


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