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One of the biggest difficulties for balloon business owners, both new and experienced, is pricing. Our industry is like no other in that items don’t come with a recommended retail price because there are so many variables. Most people migrate to the Facebook groups to find out what they “should” be charging but not only is this breaking the law from an anti-competition perspective it often results in bad advice.

You see, lots of people in this industry are not good at pricing and they also don’t understand the individual costs to you of running YOUR business. For the ones who do get to grips with pricing and calculating their prices accurately often, they still don’t sell at the minimum selling price… Often the new prices are higher than they thought or anxieties and little voices in their head persuade them to price lower with prices they are more comfortable with.

I see it all the time… I did it myself at the beginning… the problem is to build a profitable and sustainable business you NEED to price all of your products above the minimum selling price. If you don’t further down the line you end up exhausted, broke, and on the verge of giving it all up… I know I was in that position and I have seen it happen time and time again in the industry and with businesses local to me… learning to run a business is AS important as learning to make balloons… it’s the reason I started the Balloon Biz Academy.

I hope you find the VIDEOS BELOW helpful in sorting your pricing and getting rid of the mind monkeys and mindset issues you may have around pricing!

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  • Printable workbook to calculate your pricing on the go and have as a reminder.
  • Helium Pricing Cheatsheet – a printable for most of the common cylinders – each showing how many of the most popular balloons you can get from it – Simply divide the cost of your cylinder by the number ~ fill in the sheet and either take a photo to store on your phone or print it for your diary. Now you won’t have to do the same calculations for helium every time! You will have it to hand for fast and easy pricing!
  • How much helium is left in my cylinder Cheatsheet.
  • 20 Ways to Market Your Balloon Business
  • 200 Reasons People Need Balloons Other than Birthdays – open up a world of opportunities worth thousands of pounds.
  • Free Cut files and so much more

I hope you found the Pricing For Profit Series useful? If so please leave me a little love in the comments below ~ It motivates me to do more to help you!

If you have any questions about anything in the videos please please don’t let them keep you stuck! Pop me a note in the comments below – I would love to help if I can!

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In today’s unpredictable world it’s not enough just to make amazing balloons. You also need to know HOW to grow your business.
Having run my own balloon business for over a decade I now help other balloon business owners, just like you, grow thriving and sustainable businesses.

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