Welcome to the Local Marketing Module

Welcome to the local marketing introduction module.  In this module we are going to look at why its essential to really know who the RIGHT customers are for our business and what messages will resound the most with them.  We are going to look at some of the overlooked things you could add to your marketing mix and we are going to explore the ways you can use networking to really sky rocket the local customers for your business. Jump into the videos and use the workbook to apply what you will learn to your own business!

Who is Your Ideal Customer?

It is so important to really understand the types of customers you want in your business.  The ones who will REALLY help you fast track your business growth and those that you truly will LOVE to work with.  That way you can ensure that everything you do is done with attracting more of them!

Magnetic Marketing

Once you understand the types of customers you are wanting to attract in to you business it is essential that the messages you are putting out there really “speaks” to them.  That way you will attract them easily into your business.


Your Marketing mix

A healthy marketing mix is one that uses a variety of tools within your strategy to get in front of the right people with your messages.

The Old fashioned ways that still work

With the advent of the internet and social media so many small businesses rely on this almost 100% to attract customers into their business.  And whilst it is a valuable and effective tool for getting LOCAL customers into your business there are other ways that are just as effective and you would be mad not to include them in your marketing mix!

Networking 101

Without a doubt when you do networking right, and you actively grow and nurture a network around you, your business growth will fast track beyond what you could of imagined.  This video talks you through the benefits of networking, who you should be networking with and the key activities you need to undertake to grow a healthy network to grow your business.

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