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February is international proposal month. The second highest month of the year for wedding proposals and with Valentines most definitely the month of love. Today we are going to look at wedding business ideas to help grow your wedding business in the coming year.  You may or may not have thought of adding balloons to your business services but today we are going to look at the additional value adding balloons will bring you.

Just starting or wondering how to start a wedding business?

No problem.  Balloons are a great low cost way to get started in the wedding industry!  It’s how I started and my business just grew and grew from there!

Balloons are en trend right now!

First lets look at wedding balloons…. Once upon a time balloons were shunned at weddings. The 3 balloons on a string at my grandparents wedding were not seen as classy or elegant and most brides would have run in horror at the suggestion of balloons at their wedding. Fast forward to 2019 and balloons are en trend. You only have to look at Instagram or Pinterest to see how far balloon design has come in the last 10 years. Giant confetti filled balloons, tassels and flower mixed designs ensure that balloons now not only add the wow factor but are a major part of wedding décor and brides want something different and new for their weddings.


Offering Proposal or Engagement party balloons gives you access to grooms and brides-to-be at the very beginning of their wedding planning journey allowing you to build relationships with them so you will be their service provider of choice when they are ready to book!

The benefit to your business when you add a wedding balloons service:

1. Your time is maximised in the business: If you are already booked in the diary to attend a venue and provide a service it makes sense to be able to provide more services…. It maximises the value of your time.

2. Customer service is dramatically improved: Larger orders reduce the number of customers you have to work with, it stops you running around like a headless chicken and it means you can provide TOP NOTCH customer service when you have fewer customers.

3. Reduced admin and stress!: Fewer customers means less admin in your business… less messages to answer.. Less payments to chase, less orders to sort and more time you can spend on the quality of service and growing your business.


What about the benefits to the bride and groom?

1. Booking services for the wedding is a breeze!: Choosing a supplier that can provide more options and fuller services reduces the stress of getting the wedding booked and liaising with suppliers.

2. Less cost for upfront deposits: By working with fewer supplies it reduces the number of deposits to pay for the wedding and makes paying in instalments so much easier.

3. Less to co-ordinate in the run up to the wedding: It is so much easier and quicker to co-ordinate everything in the run up to the wedding. 

Balloons Business Opportunity

Wedding Balloons – Done Well- Are in High demand… make sure your business is cashing in on the trend.


• In my balloons and venue décor business nearly all my weddings have an exploding balloon or a welcome balloon – even brides who don’t like balloons! These 2 balloons alone add on nearly £100 to their order and this is just the basic add on for an order.  More complex designs and additional balloons add more value.

• Balloons offer a cost effective way to fill venues with high ceilings and add movement and elegance to a room as they float in the breeze.

• Many brides order balloons to add to flower centrepieces adding value to the order but not replacing centrepieces.

• Balloons can be used to decorate the ceremony room/church as well as the venue.

• When you offer engagement party balloons it allows you to build a relationship with brides-to-be before they even start looking at other wedding suppliers for their wedding.

What types of wedding businesses would benefit to adding balloon services?

Truthfully any type of business that provides on the day services or collections for wedding supplies would benefit to expanding to offer wedding balloons. Those that immediately spring to mind (but are not limited to) are:

Sweet cart providers
Venue Decorators
Photobooth and dance floor providers
Wedding planners
LED light up letter suppliers
Cake Decorators

What are the other benefits to offering balloons?

In addition to providing balloons for weddings it opens up a whole new avenue of income for you. Many wedding suppliers also provide services for other celebrations including milestone birthdays, christenings, communions etc in the quieter months of the year. Balloons are also a fantastic income stream for the holidays. You can easily offer designs for Valentines, Mother’s Day, Easter, Fathers Day, halloween, Elf on the shelf, Christmas and New Year… The list goes on.

Balloons are a relatively low cost start up opportunity. The basics are easy to learn with the right training and as long as you get decent photos you can start promoting and taking orders straight away. 

Balloons add to the value of the bride for your business…

There are 12 touch points for a bride to be for balloons just for their wedding, making the value of a bride to your business so much more when you add in balloons…

1. Proposal balloons
2. Engagement party balloons
3. Engagement photo shoot balloons
4. Save the date balloons
5. She said yes to the dress balloons
6. Hen party balloons
7. Church décor
8. Wedding reception décor
9. Photo opportunity balloons
10. Thank you gift balloons for the pageboys and bridesmaids
11. Remembrance balloons for those who are no longer with them on the day
12. Anniversary balloons


Develop customers for life.

When you only offer wedding services you are constantly looking for new customers. You spend so much time marketing what you do as once they are married they may not think they need you again. After all you are a wedding company and they only get married once!. The best thing I have found about offering balloons services is most of my brides become customers for life. So after I have done their wedding, I will also do the birth of their child, christening, birthdays, special anniversaries and even funerals. Any touch point in their life where they are celebrating be it happy times of the celebration of life itself they come back for more balloons and venue décor. Balloons really do open the doors to more revenue streams in your business…

I hope you have found this information useful!  If you are interested in adding balloons to your business please check out our course below…


Until next time… Stay Amazing!

Sonia x

Until next time… Stay Amazing!

Sonia x


Hi I am Sonia!

Having spent the last 7 years growing my balloons and venue décor business I am on a mission to help other small business owners grow their local business. I have seen too many local businesses close before they have even got started and it’s such a crying shame. Learning to run your own business is often so much harder than creating the products you sell. With 10 years in sales and marketing coaching  I share my experience of the key things that really fast track business growth so that your business can give you and your family the life you dream of!


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