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Are you looking for the secret ingredient to increase the number of local customers and orders in your business? You have the talent, you create amazing balloon designs and are capable of doing so much more. You just need to get in front of the RIGHT customers… customers local to you who are able to purchase your designs and help you grow your business.

You are spending loads of time on social media, sure you get some orders, but its just not translating into enough orders to fill your diary and provide a full time wage? You are trying to market as much as possible but you know there must be a better way? A quicker way? A faster way to grow… You are learning as you go, trying different things but its just not giving you the results you need.

You LOVE what you do but those little nagging voices in your head keep telling you if you can’t get this sorted soon you might have to go and get a “proper job”? Or maybe family members have even muttered the words…

Now imagine if….


  • You knew EXACTLY who to market to, where they are and the best ways to reach them, engage, connect and secure their orders!
  • You spend less time on social media because what you are doing REALLY works. Better still, whilst social media is still a big part of your plan, you are not totally reliant on it as customers are also finding you in other ways, eager to book with you.
    Your diary starts to fill with the right type of orders that allow you to grow your creativity AND pay the bills!
  • As your success grows so does word of mouth and you are busier than ever. Other wedding and party companies see you as someone they want to work with and you are in a position to scale your business.
  • You can now chose which type of orders you take and who you work with, feeding your creativity , your passion and building the business and life you want!

Hi there I am Sonia and I have spent the last 7 years growing my balloons and venue decor business. I have tried and tested so many ways of finding The RIGHT type of customers local to me. Fine tuning my strategy until I got so busy I was in the position to choose which orders I took and scale my business to be able to do more.

Sure there are loads of courses out there that can teach you the basics for social media but most of them are for people who deliver their products digitally or can post the product out to the customer. When it comes to service industries like ours you need local customers and when it comes to digital marketing I know EXACTLY what you need to so to reach LOCAL customers who can actually book your services.

Whilst of course this programme teaches you exactly what you need to do on social media it’s not limited to this alone. 10 years in sales and marketing coaching has allowed me to fine tune my expertise when it comes to selling and marketing. Growing a loyal customer base that will come back time and time again and recommend you is about building relationships and the art of selling and marketing is about making sustainable connections. I have been teaching sales people, marketeers and managers exactly how to do this for over a decade And won quite a few awards along the way.

During the time building my business I have seen so many people start up balloon businesses locally only to disappear within a year or two. It’s one thing being amazingly creative and talented it’s totally another working out how to run a successful business. I built the Balloon Biz Academy to help business owners just like you navigate the fast lane to growing your business.

Get Visible will show you EXACTLY how to find the RIGHT customers LOCAL to you so that you can grow a successful business & enable you to live your dreams.

So what is the Get Your Balloon Biz Visible programme all about?!

Spread over 4 weeks we are going to dive into the following areas of growing a local customer base:



By working out EXACTLY who your ideal customers are, where you can find them and the best ways to reach out and engage with them you will be able to build a focused strategy. This is KEY to getting the fastest growth in your business and making the most of your limited time for marketing.



Before the invention of social media and google search there were many ways of reaching customers that are still excellent for getting your name out there and engaging with locally based customers. I am going to show you cheap and easy ways to really get in front of customers ready to order from you.



By identifying exactly who your ideal customer is we will then identify who the best businesses and services are to grow a network of support and referrals around you. I will teach you the steps you need to take to reach out, connect and create an active network that brings so much more than amazing customer referrals.


I am going to share with you the best strategy for reaching engaging and connecting with local customers on social media. We are going to look at the type of content that works, how to grow your reach and engagement and how to get customers coming back for more But most importantly how you convert this to sales!


With over 2.2 billion monthly users on Facebook your local customers are on there! Sure things are not as easy as they once were but the fact you can get in front of local customers free of charge makes Facebook the single biggest opportunity for small businesses. I am going to show you exactly how to supercharge your Facebook Page, grow engagement and maximise your organic reach.


Facebook Ads are a fantastic way of getting in front of the type of customers you really want for your business. I am going to make ads manager super simple. Show you how to create your own custom audiences to deliver the best and cheapest results for your ads so you can get affordable but fast results in your business!


A visual platform with over 100 million users… Instagram was made for our industry! We are going to get up close and personal with what makes a successful Instagram profile and what you can do to create superb engagement and sales on this platform.


Its Not hard to grow a huge bank of followers on Instagram but for your business growth you really need quality over quantity! You need local people who can actually buy from you! I am going to show you the exact strategy you need to get lots of local customers engaging and ready to buy!


We are going to look beyond social media at the methods customers actually use to find and book the services they need and what you need to do to make sure you show up in all those places with the type of content which gets customers hot footing it to you to book!


We are going to look at why you absolutely need a website, what you need on it, how to present your company through it and how to master SEO to drive traffic to it!


We are going to look at how you can use blogging about your services to drive search engines to your site and customers with them! What you need to blog about to tap into your customers searches and how to write blog posts that work.


Newsletters are essential to growing a local based business. We dive into why you need a newsletter, how to set one up step by step, what freebies work to get people to subscribe and the types of content that get customers to keep you top of mind and coming back to purchase.


I am going to show you exactly how you can use this fantastic tool to get you appearing more often on google searches so local customers can find you and connect with you.


The second biggest search engine in the world You Tube is the perfect way to get found by local customers . We will look at how to create your channel, what sort of videos you can be posting to allow customers to find you and how to embed them in your website and blogs!


This programme has been designed to give you absolutely everything you need to take your business from strength to strength!

Wait… Thats not all… There are so many additional features to this type of programme!


Access to a Private Facebook Group

Access to a private facebook group just for Get Your Balloon Biz Visible where you will be supported by me and the other amazing business owners on the course.

Weekly video tutorials, ebooks, and lots more!

Access to weekly video tutorials, ebooks, workbooks and all the tools you need to create your plan of action.

Your own Business buddy

The opportunity to buddy up with a support partner within the group if you wish.

Regular Live sessions with me

Access to a regular group live session with me where we can dive deeper into the topics and you can ask me questions specifically for your business! Also a place to get support with things you are not sure about and to get you unstuck and moving forward.
Omg omg omg I’ve just got to share this with you! Just popped into my local bakery to have a chat about their event catering side of the business AND they are wanting to put my business cards and flyers on their front AND recommend me on their website AAAAAND one of their customers over heard us talking she asked what I did she explained she owns a dance company and would be happy to recommend me to her clients and wants some displays for her presentations and competitions!!!!! Like seriously your ‘get out there’ approach is literally happening and sooo quick!!! The law of attraction and your guide is working for me right now! Omg Sonia thank you soooo soooo much! It’s given me the confidence to just go out there! People are so lovely when they find out what you do! The magic of balloons ay! ??????????
Louisa Wright

Owner , The Wright Balloon Co.

I have been using Sonia’s Balloons for many years now, Sonia has supplied balloons for my sons christening, birthday parties and my 30th Cowboy Themed Party. Sonia is very talented, reliable and very professional. Sonia has made balloons in different themes, different occasions and I wouldn’t use any one else. I am also a supplier / hirer of equipment therefore see a lot of suppliers providing balloons and Sonia is by far the most creative, talented and organised that I have come across. If you are looking to learn the craft, you couldn’t ask for a better tutor. With Sonia you will receive a wealth of knowledge and experience, I know Sonia is very calm and patient. If you are looking to really grow your own business Sonia will give you the tools to get going.
James Lockyer

Owner , Cheeky Charlies Soft Play

I own CJK Balloons and Decor and find Sonia’s knowledge of the industry amazing. She is a great help in allowing me to move my business forward and is always around to answer any questions ?
Chloe Simmons

Owner , CJK Balloons and Decor

Not sure if this course is for you? Let me help….


YOU are a Balloon and venue decor business owner who wants to take your business to the next level.
YOU are a Balloon and venue decor business owner who wants to take your business to the next level.
YOU are prepared to step out of your stuck, make decisions and take actions to give you and your business the future you deserve. As with all programmes it will only work if you put the actions in place!
YOU are ready to move towards your dream, make more profit and enjoy the choices in life being a better business owner will give you.


YOU are invested in your stuck and make excuses to stay there
YOU are not prepared to embrace change and transform into a better version of you as a business owner
You are not prepared to be accountable and do the work to make the changes you need to grow your business
You are not ready to invest in you and your future right now.

Let me answer your questions….

Right now I bet you have quite a few thoughts whizzing round your head! Excitement at the possibilities and then those nagging voices making you wonder if this is right for you?! I get it…. You might be thinking….

How much does it cost?

£100 on the early bird or £125 after the early bird closes…. That’s only one local customer you need to find and then all the orders you will get as a result of this course are absolute profit for you and your business… How does that sound?


I am not making much money at the moment... Can I afford to do this?...

I have so been there! It’s hard when you are trying to do something to better your life and the life of your family and it feels like it is actually sucking more out than giving in return! If you are not currently making any money from your business right now then its ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you do SOMETHING…. whether its this programme or something else… you need to do something now to make the change so that you can start to reap the rewards from your hard work!  Remember if you carry on doing what you have always been doing then you will simply continue to get what you are currently getting… Make some sort of change today to get more customers and more profit…

Can I pay by instalments?

Absolutely!  I want this programme to be accessible to everyone running a balloons and venue decor business.  You can pay in full or in 2 instalments.

What results can I expect from this programme and how quickly?

Truthfully that depends on you… This course is about showing your the ways it is absolutely possible to grow your business, and to grow it quickly. 

I will show you all the opportunities out there to draw local customers ready to order into your business, many of which you are probably missing.  Which opportunities are right for you and your business is for you to decide but  I guarantee there will be lots of opportunity for you to tap into and grow your business.

Balloon biz owners have found orders very quickly when they have started implementing the steps I have shown them but ultimately you are responsible for putting into action the steps you need to take to grow your business.

How do I access the course?

The course is run through our Membership site on our website. Each module comprises of video learning and a workbook for you to be able to apply what you learn to your business. The live elements of the programme and the support will be run through our private, members only, Facebook Community.

What if I can't make the live calls?

I encourage you to try and make as many live calls as is humanly possible but I do understand that sometimes life doesnt always want to let us do this!  I will schedule the live calls for the beginning of the week and take a poll in the group as to the best time so avoiding key times (like weekends) when you are going to be busy with your business.

If the times clash still don’t worry you can submit any questions to me before hand and the recordings of the live calls will be available to you in the members section and on the facebook group.

What if its too much or life gets in the way?

First of all shout up!  I don’t want any of the programme members stuck in overwhelm!  I am here to support you EVERY step of the way.

Sometimes  though life throws us an unforseen curve ball and I have been there believe me!  You will continue to have access to all the content on the members area and facebook group after the course has finished so if you have to pause don’t worry you can pick it up again when life calms down and it is always there for your to refer to in the future!

Can I join at any time?

In order to get everyone working together and for me to be able to support people properly at each stage of the programme the doors open for the course and close until the next scheduled programme.  You can purchase the course at any time but you won’t be able to access the programme until week one recommences.

How do I sign up?

Look for my gorgeous pink buttons throughout this site.  This will take you through to the simple sign up process.

I have a question...... and its not here.....

No problem at all!  Feel free to get in touch!  I would love to hear from you and I can answer any more questions you have.  Just email me at sonia@balloonbizacademy.co.uk

So now its time to make a decision!

Okay… So you have reached the point where its time for you to make a decision… Are you ready to make the change you need to supercharge your business… To invest in you because at the end of the day YOU are your business?? To start taking the steps to realising your dreams?
I am here… I am ready and waiting to help you realise your business potential but You need to hurry… The doors will soon be closing and places are limited!
Click here to take the first step in supercharging your business!
Okay… So you have reached the point where its time for you to make a decision… Are you ready to make the change you need to supercharge your business… To invest in you because at the end of the day YOU are your business?? To start taking the steps to realising your dreams?
I am here… I am ready and waiting to help you realise your business potential but You need to hurry… The doors will soon be closing and places are limited!
Click here to take the first step in supercharging your business!

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