A quick, easy and visual way to create a plan you will actually use in your business!


Welcome to create an amazing 2019!  I am so pleased you can join me on this masterclass to help you create a visual plan to guide and grow your business this coming year!  In order to get the best from this masterclass

1. Please click on the link below to download your workbook that you can follow along with as you work through the videos.

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2. Join our free Facebook Group by clicking on the link below

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3. Work you way through each of the 5 videos below.  Simply click on each tab to access the new video.

Welcome to your first video!  Please watch this video first as this explains why this system works so well with the creative brain.

In this video we are going to start by creating your vision.  Watch the video and work through the exercises in your workbook to create your vision board.  Any questions then head over to the group where we can help you further.



Well done for creating your vision – it is such a powerful way to living your dreams.  In this video we are going to look at how we work out what resources we need to achieve our life standing in our vision and how to break this down into achievable and tangible targets.



So now you know what you need to do lets work out exactly how you are going to do it.  Keeping it simple quick and easy we are going to create visual plans that are not only easy to stick to they actually drive your business forward.

Now its time to take action.  There is no point creating a plan if you don’t stick to it and take action.  In this video we look at cultivating great habits to stick with your plan and what to do when things go wrong – enabling you to get back on track quickly!

If you have any questions or need any feedback then please do head over to the facebook group or drop me an email at sonia@balloonbizacademy.co.uk

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