Hi there! I hope this finds you keeping well! I am so uber excited – I am about to burst! I have some fantastic news I can’t wait to share with you!

BAPIA – The Balloons and Party Industry Alliance have asked to support The Balloon Biz Academy! Oh my! I have had joint-working on my vision board for the academy since I first started blogging 3 years ago and BAPIA are THE organisation to do it with! I am doing the biggest happy dance here ever and can hardly contain my excitement as I write this!

Who Is Bapia?

For those of you that don’t know BAPIA is the largest and fastest-growing trade organisation for the Balloons and Party industry here in the UK. As well as supporting members with industry-specific insurance they do an amazing job to:

  • Increase public awareness of the balloon and party industry
  • Promote industry professionals and the benefits of using them
  • Fight negative campaigns – including in recent years the industry-threatening review of balloons as part of the EU single-use plastics directive.
  • Promote the positive benefits of our industry
  • Provide updates on industry issues
  • Bring additional benefits to their members

Who Are The People Behind Bapia?

I have known John and Sue Bowler throughout my entire journey in this industry and they are such a fantastic couple! With a huge wealth of knowledge and experience – from running a balloon business, setting up balloon decor, running a wholesaler business, providing industry education, founding the very best balloon blog, to working for the key manufacturers who bring to us the products and equipment we use – they have seen the industry from every possible angle!

I vividly remember the first time I came in contact with John. I had spent a small fortune (which I couldn’t really afford at the time) on a dual split sizer to grow my business. Excited I unpacked it, plugged it into the helium, blew up a few balloons, and then packed it away – only to realise I hadn’t released the pressure in the system before disconnecting!!! Oh My God! This amazing piece of kit I had saved so long for – I had broken it within 20 minutes of having it! I was beside myself! I reached out to John (who worked for Conwin at the time) who promptly took my phone number and called. He must have thought I was a blubbering idiot on the other end of the phone! He was so calm, kind and helpful and he fixed my problem… I stayed with Conwin products for many years after that because of the exceptional service John offered (I was honestly gutted when he left them) and I stayed a BAPIA member for the very same reason… I have been a BAPIA member since I opened my balloon business 8 years ago and, whilst I have been fortunate never to have to use my insurance, I have benefitted hugely from all the amazing member benefits and the exceptional customer service and support they always give.

Great Ormond Street Christmas Party 2015

Over the years I have been blessed to have met John and Sue many times at training classes, industry trade events, and of course, the BAPIA members Great Ormond Street Christmas Party Build, their kindness, devotion to the industry, and passion they have to help others grow their businesses has always been unwavering.

Sue is an amazing instructor, with huge experience teaching balloon decor world-wide. At the forefront of trends across the industry, and through her blog (https://theverybestballoonblog.blogspot.com/) with over 400 posts over the last decade and her input in the Qualatex Facebook Group, she has helped so many balloon business owners and has been so inspirational to me in my journey both in owning my own balloon business and in setting up The Balloon Biz Academy!

What Does This Mean For The Balloon Biz Academy?

The thing that excites me the most about the support from BAPIA is that they share the very same ethos and vision as me – the desire to help people grow profitable and sustainable balloon businesses and to enable the amazing industry we love to thrive and grow! – having their support in my onward journey with The Balloon Biz Academy means the world to me and excites me at the possibilities it opens up to reach more balloon biz owners and help you further in the growth of your business…

Moving forward, ownership, the content, thoughts, and views expressed on the Balloon Biz Academy remains entirely under my control and are not influenced in any way by BAPIA support, but I am looking forward to a cup of coffee and a chat, once lockdown allows, looking at the way we can work together to further develop our amazing industry and help you in growing a profitable and sustainable business!

Find Out More About Bapia.

If you want to find out more about BAPIA and the amazing work they do for the industry and their members you can check out their website here: https://bapiaonline.com/ They have an excellent news library packed full of blog posts to help you grow your business – definitely worth a read!

As with everything in the digital world if you want to stay up to date with industry trends I thoroughly recommend you follow their Facebook Page or Instagram (depending on the platform you use personally) as they are updated with fresh, helpful and inspirational information most days. You can connect with them on social media here:


As always I hope you have found this blog useful and share in my excitement!
Until next time… Stay Amazing
Sonia x

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Having run my own balloon business for over a decade I now help other balloon business owners, just like you, grow thriving and sustainable businesses.

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