New Babies offer great opportunities for your balloon & venue decor business.

In this blog we are going to look at the market for balloons for new babies, baby showers and gender reveals. Non seasonal, this is a great avenue to filling your diary all year round. I have collected together gorgeous inspiration from around the world and links to YouTube Video tutorials that will not only set your creative passion on fire but delight your customers. So let’s focus in on the marketing to really drive this as a profitable part of your business this year!

The addition of a baby to the family is a huge time for celebration and opens a number of opportunities for balloon businesses from finding out and announcing the baby to the world, right through to the first birthday and every life event beyond that. These customers when given the greatest experience with your business will be returning time and time and time again! Not only that most people who fall into the age group for having babies will have friends likely to be having children in the near future too not to mention all the birthdays and celebrations coming up within their family and friends network. Its no surprise then that they are great new customers to be introducing to your business!

So lets start off by looking at what events lead up to the birth and Balloon Ideas for each of these!


Baby Balloon Ideas & Inspiration

1. Baby Announcement balloon ideas

Announcing the new addition to the family is a big event on the start of a new journey. Parents to be search for creative ways to let the world know and there are some fun ways this can be done with balloons. Perfect for creating those insta moments to share on social media.
Check out our board here for inspiration


 2. Gender reveal Balloon ideas

This usually occurs around the 20 Week scan. Lots of couples are now opting to not find out during the actual scan itself but rather make an event of if and find out the baby’s gender at the same time as their family and friends. Hidden reveal balloons are a perfect way of doing this and you can see thousands of videos on Instagram and Facebook of families excitement as the gender is revealed. See our Pinterest board here for inspiration

3. Baby shower Balloon and Venue décor ideas

Originating in the USA this is now big business in countries around the world. Often celebrated in the last months leading up to the baby’s birth it’s a chance for family and friends to bring gifts, clothing and necessities for when the baby arrives. The scale of the baby shower varies from family to family. They can be small intimate affairs or large grand scale events requiring full venue décor. Click on our Pinterest board here for some gorgeous inspiration.



4. New baby balloon ideas

After 9 months of waiting baby is finally here! What better way to welcome the gorgeous little bundle into the world that stunning balloon bouquets or twisted art. You need to find out if the balloons are going to the hospital or will be placed at home to welcome them back as not all hospitals allow latex. Your market here are going to be husbands, grandparents as obviously Mum is a little tied up right no but if you did a great job of tagging mum in previous orders and getting them to check in and leave a review her immediately family and friends should know where to come find you!. For new baby inspiration click here!


 5. And there’s more!

Whilst we wont be focusing on it in this blog. There are also cultural and religious events associated to the baby’s first year. 100 day celebrations, christenings, etc are all key events in a baby’s first year. At the end of the baby’s first year comes the big birthday party. For some mums this will be the first time arranging a party. It may also be a celebration of surviving the first year of motherhood and their little angel thriving as a result! In some cultures the first birthday is a bigger occasion than others but without a doubt the first birthday is a milestone memory for all which will be made all the more memorable with your balloons and of course it doesn’t end here. There will be so many more celebrations throughout the child’s life.

The Baby  Market is Such a lucrative market it should figure in your growth plans and marketing!

Growing your business by marketing to the new baby sector.


With so many babies born every day in your local area and at least 4 opportunities for balloons up to and including their arrival this is a huge opportunity for your business. So how can you make the most of it and accelerate the growth of your business?

Set yourself a target!

The baby market is such an opportunity for balloons and venue décor businesses it should figure in your growth plans. Set yourself a target to grow your baby business by this year. Try and be specific. It can be a cash amount or the number of events you want to do. By having a number to track against you will focus on it more and what you focus on always grows!

Showcase your baby balloon designs

First up you will sell what you share! What designs do you have currently? What new designs can you come up with? Do you have designs for each of the 4 opportunities? You want to make sure you have some gorgeous original designs that will wow not only your customers but also their friends and family making you the go to company for baby balloons. I have included lots of inspirational pictures and tutorials in this blog. When considering what you want to do, find elements you like and then ask yourself what would be my version of that rather than just creating the same. Originality is what differentiates you from the competition and gets customers and their friends returning for more! Take gorgeous pictures and share them with potential customers.

Make it easy for customers to find your baby balloon designs

Do you have a section on your website/album on your facebook page/ section in your story highlights specifically for baby balloons. Do you share your excitement for their new addition and explain what you can offer to make the experience more memorable for them. Remember to use words that resonate with them whether this is the first baby or a subsequent addition to their family. Why not create a blog on your website talking through each stage from announcement to birth showing how you can be an amazing party of their journey to the birth of their new baby.

Get new customers into your business

When it comes to getting new customers into your business an expectant couple and their friends and family are just the type of customers you need! Not only do they have 4 possible celebrations in the near future they have lots of birthdays and other celebrations when you think of their wider network. Not only that as life tends to run in cycles the chances are many of their friends may be a similar age and so possibly having babies themselves in the near future. Why not run some social media ads targeting new parents 0-12 months with interests such as pregnancy and parenting. Be sure to make sure you create a specific audience in your area who are able to purchase from you. Look at what new parenting community groups you have in your area and pop some information in to them. Get active in the same type of groups on Facebook.

What new baby shops or boutiques do you have in your area? Have they got any special events coming up they need balloon décor for? Can you arrange to do a pop up stand in their shop during the event to advertise what you do?

Get new parents on your email list

There is never a better time to get customers on your email list than when they are expecting a baby – think about how many celebrations there are going to have over the years. Come up with a checklist or eBook that will help them with their preparations. Think along the lines of x steps to organising a baby shower, or x games/fun things you can play/do at a baby shower etc. Or maybe fun ways to announce your baby/gender reveal. Be sure to include new baby balloons in several emails throughout the year and tell them to pass on them information to friends they know having babies too!.

Make sure you have stock in at all times!

The one thing you can guarantee with babies is they often don’t come exactly when they are supposed to and even if they do often customers are scrambling around to get balloons to welcome the new baby. Just like birthdays, make sure you always have stock in for both sexes so that you are able to fulfil their orders when they call. You don’t need to have huge amount of stock but just make sure you always keep enough in to be able to do 1-2 baby orders at anytime and be sure to restock it as you use it.

Stay in Touch and follow up!

Finally be mindful when customers come to you that there is the potential for more orders in the future. So if they are coming because of a baby announcement be sure to find out the date the baby is due and get in touch 5 months before to let them know what you offer in terms of gender reveals and again 3 months before for baby showers. Don’t be afraid to also share new baby balloons for the arrival at this point too. Expectant mothers are bound to share things they love with their Mum, partner and friends and often they will purchase the balloons as a surprise for them when the time comes!


Stay in touch with customers at each stage as they progress towards the birth and send them information about what you offer for each celebration.

Check out these Amazing YouTube Tutorials!

There are lots of videos on YouTube showing you a variety of techniques in order to create gorgeous baby balloons.  I have put together a playlist of 123 (Yes! 123!) videos to make it easy for you to find them.  Click on the image below to go to Youtube and watch. Be sure to go and subscribe to their YouTube channels and give the creators some love for sharing their knowledge in the amazing videos they have made! Finally if an ad pops up please watch it and don’t skip by, it’s how they create a small amount of revenue to keep producing the videos, and 30 seconds of your time is a small price to pay for the growth your business will gain from the knowledge they have shared.


Click on the image above to go to the playlist of videos on Youtube.

I hope you have found this blog post useful!  I would love to hear your thoughts on this style of round up blog post.  If you like it then I will happily do more!

Until next time… Stay Amazing!

Sonia x


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