With a little over 4 weeks to go balloon businesses are gearing up for the season of Love! Valentine’s day is certainly likely to be a bit different this year here in the UK as we are in a full national lockdown until mid-February! With restaurants, pubs, hotels, and traditional places to celebrate, currently closed and unlikely to reopen, Valentines’ is looking to be a more home-based affair altogether! But what does this mean for your business? In this blog there are lots of ideas for you to make sure you are set up to have the best Valentines Sales!

The key to having a successful Valentines for your business, this year, will be to take the time to think about how you can tap into making Valentines special at home with your marketing! Even if venues, by some miracle, get to reopen a lot of people will choose to celebrate at home where it’s safe… so clever use of words and images that portray how you can still make it extra special for them is definitely the way to go!

DIY Bedroom Decorating Packages

Bedroom Decorating Packages which promise to turn a bedroom into an “Insta-worthy” Vision of Love is likely to be even more popular this year! Why not mock up something in your own bedroom and share the vision with your customers! Making it simple, by providing inflated balloons and all the accessories they need to recreate the look, is bound to be a real winner with your customers! Make sure you price your packages for profit – you are providing a service when most shops are closed!

Proposal packages

For customers wanting to really declare their love, there is no time like Valentines to create the perfect wedding proposal! Proposal room decor packages, stuffed balloons with hidden rings, and surprise messages are a great way to make it all the more memorable! In addition to providing balloons to theme the actual proposal memorable consider what balloons you can design to help couples announce their engagement to the world!

It’s a family affair…

Don’t forget the little ones too! With lots of children likely to be at home this year, due to school closures, why not come up with some cute designs the adults can get the little one’s involved with. Expand your orders and your income by marketing them as a way to enjoy valentines and the love of the entire family.

Valentines in a Box

With shopping even more trickier this year anything you can do to help your customers is most likely to be well received! Wholesalers are full of accessory supplies such as flowers, cards, teddies and so much more! Why not come up with a valentines in a box idea so customers can purchase everything they need from you in one go! If you are thinking of adding sweets, chocolate or alcohol then check out this blog post here: https://www.balloonbizacademy.co.uk/thinking-of-adding-sweets-and-drinks-to-your-balloon-designs-make-sure-you-read-this-first/

Who are your current customers?

It’s important when coming up with balloon designs to consider who your existing customers are. In my balloon business 95% of my customers were women. Many of them in long-term relationships with children already. It’s important to know this when coming up with designs they are likely to want to purchase for the significant person in their lives so for me girlie designs for women sell less well than designs for men (although of course some women do end up buying their own valentines balloons) I also sold a lot of designs for children such as I love my Daddy etc…

How can you reach new customers?

If like me you have a well-defined base of customers think about how you can reach new customers at Valentines. To reach husbands and boyfriends of my existing customers I ran very targetted Facebook ads specifically talking to them and offering a valentines package of balloons, flowers and cards they could collect on their way home from work. I also targetted Facebook Groups I knew men would hang out in and asked my customers to tag their significant others in posts I put up on Facebook. Lastly, think about what other businesses you can team up with so you can both benefit from each other’s customer base.

Last minute shoppers

Historically Valentines is notorious for the last-minute shopper. Don’t be disheartened if you do not get many sales when you first put your designs up. To reduce the last minute orders and the stress that can come up with that consider using FOMO – the fear of missing out. Tell your customers you are only going to do X number of balloons this year (maybe because of COVID etc) and to book early and pay a deposit to avoid missing out! It can also be an advantage to have some additional stock for those last-minute shoppers (and to cover the risk of failed balloons) but avoid overstocking on designs as you are unlikely to use much of it again for another 12 months!

Images to use

You can find a lot of images that you can use to advertise Valentines by checking out the manufacturers website. Check out these lovely designs on the Qualatex Europe site. You can find them here: https://europe.qualatex.com/en-gb/inspiration/balloon-decor/?search=&occasion=16&theme=&structure_type=&inflation=


Set Yourself A Target

Finally one thing that business owners don’t do enough is to think carefully about how money and most importantly profit they want to make from Valentines. This should always be your starting point when considering what designs to come up with. You need to work out how much time you have available to you to make the designs, and how many designs you need to make within that time frame. Whilst it is good to offer a selection of designs and price points avoid having too many designs because this will reduce the amount you can do. Having a few designs means you can batch produce a lot more of the workload and sell much more!


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