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2. Work you way through the video below.

3. Start to update your new  prices and look forward to greater profit this year!

NOTE Qualatex updated some of the balloon capacities in 2020.  The attached pdf is updated with new sizing but the video still mentions old sizing.  Just refer to the new sizing in the attached printable.

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Learning to start and run a business is a HUGE learning curve… in fact, often it is harder and takes longer than actually learning to make balloons!  The thing is I am guessing you probably don’t have forever to learn to run your business.  You need to get the business up and running, making a profit as quickly as possible so that you can give up the day job or stop you from having to go back to the regular 9-5!

 I made so many mistakes in my first 12-18 months! Whilst I was extremely busy I could not believe it when I got to the end of the first year or so to find out all my hard work had been for nothing because I had made hardly any profit at all!  I needed to figure it out fast or give up on the dream!

I see this happen so often in the industry… businesses folding and talented balloon artists giving up on their dreams because they couldn’t get the business side of things to work. That’s why I created the Balloon Biz Academy and the Starting a Balloon Business: The Ultimate Guide.  I want to give you all the information and advice you need to get your business making a profit so it is sustainable and you can carry on getting paid to do what you love every single day!

The Ultimate guide teaches you everything I wish I had known in my first 18 months of running a business! Because I am passionate about helping as many people grow their business as I can, I am offering it to you for a very low price of £37.  Only one extra order this week to save you 12-18 months figuring it out so that you can start growing your business right now! 

Ultimate Guide Contents:


Balloon Biz RoadMap

The exact steps to start and grow a sustainable and profitable business quickly and easily.


Is a Balloon Business Feasible?

How to do market research to find the potential business in your local area. Who will your customers be? What’s the potential? What is the competition like?


Defining the business you want

Different types of business explained.  Choosing your business name.  Home or shop based – pros and cons. What hours will you work.  How much do you need to earn?


Making your business legal - step by step

The EXACT steps with links of everything you need to do to make your business legal and fit for purpose


Equipping Your Business

Ordering Supplies, Balloons and Getting started with helium


Taking Your First Orders

Building your portfolio. Taking photos that sell.  Designs that sell from the start. Pricing. Systems for recording orders. Contracts/Terms and Conditions. Transporting balloons.  Settig up at Venues – Insider Tips. What to do when things go wrong.


Getting Your First Customers

Local marketing.  Who are your customers and how will they find you? Branding your business. Online Marketing. Websites and SEO. Email lists and why they are important.  Social Media.  Settings to get found locally on Facebook. Get your next 500 followers.  Facebook Pixel.  Instagram as a second platform. YouTube.  Social Media Algorithms what you need to know! Offline marketing. Networking. 


Being the CEO of Your Business

The Right Mindset. Clarity of Success. Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. Being the best version of yourself as a business owner. Tips for Growing a profitable business. Valuing your time and skill. Writing an operational business plan.  How to calculate how much money you need in your first year.  The difference between income and profit. Working out what you need to sell more of. Investing in yourself and your business.

You also get access to video masterclasses only available via the Ultimate Guide and my FREE gift to you when you purchase is ongoing monthly Q & A sessions in a dedicated Facebook Group where you can ask me anything you like! 


Interactive eBook

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Video Masterclasses


Facebook Group with Monthly Q & A

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