Make the most of calendar events and have the best Christmas / Mothers day/ Easter etc possible.  Guaranteed there are ideas in here you haven’t even thought of!

When you think wedding balloons you think wedding reception decor right?!  Did you know there are actually 15 reasons why people might need balloons in relations to weddings.  There are so many opportunities when a bride comes your way!

Toyed with the idea of getting your balloons into retail but not sure where or why they would need them.  So many ideas in here just for this for both the high street and out of town.

Why Corporate businesses need your balloons and what you can bring to their marketing campaigns.

Thinking outside the box there are loads of places who could use your balloons – Local government, Local professional services, Educational establishments, Professional associations… the list just goes on and on!!!

In this free resource I share with you over 200 reasons, other than birthdays, why people need your balloons.  Packed full of ideas for orders you can go after to increase the types and number of orders you have.

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