At some point all balloon business owners find themselves lacking motivation. It can be a challenging time because you still have a business to run, orders to fulfil and customers to keep happy. Finding your inner creativity when your mojo has disappeared can make running a business so much harder. In this blog post I am going to share x things you can do to get your mojo supercharged once again!

I am not going to lie running a balloon business is VERY different to doing balloons for a hobby and many new business owners are often shocked by how the reality of running a business can differ to what they thought it would be like. When its a hobby you can create when you are in the mood, when you run a business you have to fulfil orders whatever your mood. When its a hobby you can create designs that fulfil your creative need, when you run a business you will often create the same designs over and over for customers because ultimately a lot of customers will buy what they see.

It’s not just new business owners either… returning from a break from the business after Christmas, a holiday or a period of illness can find you sitting there lacking motivation. Personal issues, business challenges, difficult customers and overwhelm will all send your mojo running for the hills. Ultimately though you still need to create amazing on a daily basis for your customers, be consistent with your marketing and keep cash flowing through your business. So what can you do to recharge your mojo when you really aren’t feeling it?

Here are 10 things to do to get your creative mojo flowing and ramp up your passion in your business:

  1. Tidy your workspace… Ok… this is probably not what you thought would be at the top of the list? I know tidying up doesn’t seem creatively challenging but working in a cluttered and disorganised workspace will stifle your creativity. There is nothing like a clean organised space to get your creative juices flowing once again. Chances are, that whilst tidying up you will also find things you forgot were there and remember why you purchased them and get ideas flowing in your mind again.
  2. Revisit your vision board… Sometimes in the day to day, we lose sight of the bigger picture. The dream we have for our business and the life we want it to give us. Spend some time updating your vision board, your goals, your dreams and what you want your future to give you. Don’t worry about the how… the way will become clear to you in time… for now just focus on what you want and how it will make you feel when you get there.
  3. Spend time getting a big old boost of inspiration… Trawl Instagram, Pinterest, the Facebook Balloon Groups. Get a big old dose of OMG! and Wow! looking at everything being created around the world. Watch tutorials on YouTube and let your imagination run wild.
  1. Go back and read your reviews… (I like to keep mine all in a file just for this reason) Read the words your customers have written about how pleased they were with their balloons, the service you gave them and most importantly how you made them and their loved ones feel. Remember that every balloon you create decorates the memories your customers are creating… Memories that will last a lifetime and feel proud that you could be part of their special occasion.
  2. Create just for creativity’s sake… not because you need to come up with a new design to sell… or a customer order… just because you ARE creative and your soul needs a regular creative fix… learn a new technique… just have a play… enjoy the process and go with the flow….
  3. Get together with other balloon artists and spend some time chatting and coming up with ideas… in the balloon twisting world, they frequently have balloon jams… a social event where they come together and just be creative. Why not build a local network of balloon business owners to come together and support each other.
  4. Deal with your overwhelm – There is nothing like feeling you have too much to do to make you do nothing! It’s true when we feel overwhelmed often productivity goes straight out the window! The first thing I always do is get everything out of my head – I call it a brain dump – I literally write down everything that I know I need to do… business and personal… whether its big like revamping the website or small like booking a dentist appointment, everything goes on a list. I then go through the list and decide what is not important and get rid of it. If you find it hard to let go simply add it to the pile to come back later too. I then see if there is anything I can delegate and then I finally decide on what needs to be done now. By clearing my head it clears my mind to be creative and let the creative thoughts flow.
  1. Listen to motivational music… If you want to recharge your mojo there is nothing better than a good music mix to help you on the way. I have a playlist on Prime Music and YouTube full of uplifting motivational songs that power me up to start growing my business… Want some inspiration you can check it out here: Motivational songs for entrepreneurs (Disclaimer some of the tracks might not be to your taste but why you are there why not create your own motivational music playlist).
  2. Get outside and do something fun… Let’s face it… You can’t force amazing! not when it comes to creativity. If your mojo has gone into hibernation sometimes you just need to walk away and do something else. There is nothing like some exercise in the fresh air or a bit of fun and laughter to get the endorphins flowing and re-energise your creative mind.
  3. Be Kind to Yourself!… Ask yourself if you are the kind of boss you would like to work for? Often we are far harder on ourselves than we would be on any employee. Remember you are doing an amazing job. You took the leap to run your own business… the majority of the population would be way too scared to even contemplate doing what you are doing right now. You wear zillions of hats in your business and juggle so much and that’s often on top of managing a home, nurturing a family and all the other responsibilities you have!

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