Do you get frustrated dealing with messages or with customers looking for cheap balloons. Messages back and forth but not booking or seemingly just wasting your time? Wouldn’t it be amazing if more enquiries came from people who not only love what you do but can afford you too!
In this short 12 minute video we are going to look at how tweaking your website and adding your prices will attract the RIGHT type of customers into your business!

🎈 What customers think when they can’t find your prices
🎈 The one question that stops customers from getting in touch
🎈 Why its good for your business (and your sanity) to display prices
🎈 Dealing with the voices in your head around pricing
🎈 So what if the competition can see your pricing?
🎈 What if customers think you are expensive – and why them not then getting in touch is a good thing
🎈 How to get confident with pricing and FREE masterclass if you are not sure how to price your balloons
Not got time to watch it now? Hover over/Click on the video and tap the clock to save and watch later! You will regret it if you don’t!

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🎈Until next time… Stay amazing🎈
Sonia x

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