Are you desperate to grow your balloon business into a full time venture? Are you finding it more and more difficult to fit enough into a weekend to enable you to pay a weeks worth of bills? In this video I will share a key marketing strategy I use in my own business to book more customers at local venues, during the peak celebration times, to maximise income and profit.

The majority of customer’s personal celebrations happen at weekends. It makes sense – there is more time for them to prepare the celebrations and recover from them! This presents a real challenge to you in the growth of your business. In order to grow a full time business you NEED to maximise the income from a weekend in order to pay a weeks bills and create enough profit to live the life you are dreaming of!

Unless your business model is high value/high profit orders, such as bespoke celebrity party planning, it’s essential you reduce the travel time associated with all orders during these peak celebration times. One of the best ways of doing this is to focus on booking as much or your work as possible at venues closest to you.

In this video I am going to show you the best way to utilise Facebook venue reviews. I use this method in my own business to generate a constant stream of leads that are local and ready to book. This simple process done in the right way will capture more customers at the point of booking their event AND build relationships with venue managers to increase customer referrals!

Better still – Once set up, it doesn’t require you to do anything. It will be working away for you in the background, even whilst you sleep, making sure you are getting in front of the right customers even when you can’t be on social media!

I hope you found this useful. I would love to know your thoughts and how you get on with setting it up.

🎈Until next time… Stay amazing🎈
Sonia x

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