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Can you imagine looking at your diary and it being full not just Friday to Sunday but Monday to Thursday too? What would earning a full time wage mean to you?


So you can avoid getting stuck in a pricing war and be the number one  go to balloon decor business in your area!


Grow your business whilst avoiding overwhelm! Find out how to scale your business and still have the absolute balance you need in your life.

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Learn how to use social media and the internet to attract clients who love what you do and are happy to pay your prices!

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Welcome to the Balloon Biz Academy!

It’s great to see you here!

Hi I am Sonia and I am the founder of the Balloon Business academy. Having spent the last 7 years growing my own balloons and decor business I now  work with creative entrepreneurs to show them how to navigate the fast lane to growing their Balloon and venue decor business.  Having previously spent 10 years coaching in sales and marketing, I show them how they can create an amazing profitable and sustainable business so they can start to live the life there business is supposed to be giving them!

I know exactly how it can feel…

Sometimes it feels like making the balloons is the easy bit… Am I right?!

  • Fed up with working flat out all weekend with very little profit?
  • Love creating beautiful designs but frustrated by trying to steer your business in the right direction?
  • Is your business running you rather than your running it?
  • Wondering how or if you will ever turn your business full time?
  • Struggling with inconsistent cashflow?  The peaks and troughs of busy seasons and then times when it is far too quiet?

Don’t worry I know exactly how you feel!  Not so long ago I was close to giving up my business and getting a “proper” job.

My family was fed up with having a house full of balloons all the time but not enough money to pay the bills let alone the luxuries in life! I really needed a van but couldn’t afford one! Cashflow came in peaks and troughs with busy periods and then times I didn’t know where I was going to get cash from to pay for everything. I was exhausted and frustrated…..

but I knew one thing….. I LOVED working with balloons everyday…. I absolutely NEEDED to make this business thing work so I could continue being paid for doing what I loved everyday with a profitable business that gave me the life I wanted.

At that point I STOPPED! With 10 years experience coaching sales and marketing professionals how to reach million pound targets running my own business was so different to living in the corporate world previously. I went back to business basics. I took so many small business courses and I got the clarity and focus I needed to fill my diary with the right type of work to grow a profitable and sustainable business that I could scale for the future. Finally myself and my family were able to enjoy the perks of owning your own business!

Over the years I have seen so many balloon businesses come and go in my area.  Talented individuals with a passion for balloons who just could not get to grips with how you need to build a balloons and decor business.  The idea for the Balloon Biz Academy was born.  I wanted to show other creative entrepreneurs that it was totally possible to build a profitable business that fitted with working from home and your family.

I am now on a mission to help thousands of balloon business owners.  Through my FREE resources, informative blog posts and advice on social media I am here to support you and show you the road map to your balloon business success.

where can you find help?


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Lots of advice and inspiration to drive your business growth and a bit of behind the scenes.


More indepth advice and round up posts to help ignite your creative passion and grow your business.


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